How might media and social networking change communication in health care?

Communication paper for Hcs 490 Week 4 Individual Assignment

Media and social networking have had a profound impact on how we communicate with each other today – from making it easier to stay in touch with those far away to quickly disseminate important information at the click of a button. The same technology is also available in the health sector, allowing professionals to share resources and collaborate on projects.

One example is that doctors may use FaceTime or Skype to communicate with their patients instantly (which can save them both time and money), while nurses might make use of online forums for discussing best practices in caring for specific types of illnesses.

Moreover, recent advances such as telemedicine services have made it possible remotely monitor patients’ vitals from home which not only increases convenience but allows providers better keep tabs on their conditions regardless of location. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are being used by many healthcare institutions to post information/recall notices about certain medications/treatments, so that the public is aware of any safety concerns.

Healthcare is evolving through the use of media technology. This means that providers, insurers, and consumers can communicate more effectively, which in turn, will allow for better care.

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