How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting organizational operations and how did COVID-19 affect the development of your project?

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Globally, the COVID-19 outbreak has had an enormous impact on business operations. It has led to many companies having to change their procedures to follow new safety protocols. It has led to increased remote working and a greater focus on digital communications. Additionally, it has resulted in the development of new solutions that protect employees’ health, while still allowing them their job.

My specific project, however, was not affected by the pandemic. I continued to work on it. I did have to make certain adjustments, like gathering information online rather than face-to–face meetings. This took longer than if the individual had been there personally. Due to restrictions on travel, certain stakeholders couldn’t attend important meetings. This caused further delays and prevented me from moving forward towards my goal. However, I managed to complete my project within the allotted time frame by adapting fast and making use of available resources.

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