How is evidence-based practice (EBP) used in nursing and how does the EBP influence Quality Improvement?

In nursing, what is evidence-based practise (ebp), and how can it be used?

Evidence-Based Practice is a healthcare approach that emphasizes using research and evidence to inform decision-making. EBP is used by nurses to ensure patient care of high quality and improve their clinical outcomes. EBP allows nurses and doctors to take informed decisions regarding the best care for their patients by using current research findings and following practice guidelines.

EBP is a data-driven tool that can be used to improve quality. It provides an assessment and improvement framework that allows for the evaluation of healthcare services. Studies have shown that successful strategies and interventions can be replicated in larger facilities or on a wider scale. The use of EBP also encourages healthcare professionals and nurses to make the most of the latest treatment options, thereby ensuring patient safety and satisfaction. It encourages clinicians and other healthcare providers to work together more closely in the development of treatment plans. This leads to better communication among them.

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