How helpful are these attitudes toward the development of cooperative interaction between myself and the patient?

Jehovah’s witness | Nursing homework help

These questions could help guide the nurse in assessing Mr. Jackmon’s case and formulating a plan of care. The answers to these questions would provide insight into Mr. Jackmon’s religious beliefs and healthcare needs, as well as possible strategies for meeting those needs while still respecting his beliefs and values. Additionally, this process could allow the nurse to gain a better understanding of Jehovah’s Witnesses that could be applied to future patients with similar contexts or situations. To move to the next level with this patient, it is important that nurses become familiar not only with their religion but also understand how it may influence their health decisions and attitudes towards treatment options (Malloch & Porter Grady 2020). With this knowledge they can develop more informed communication approaches when caring for such patients (Noyce et al., 2016), recognizing the potential role of cognitive behavioural therapy interventions within a deeper cultural context (Hayes & Scrampages 2017). Furthermore, by utilizing mindfulness techniques in the classroom setting (Omidvar & Iovino-Katz 2019) practitioners further hone skills necessary for engaging respectfully followed self-directed problem solving practices illustrating successful results from structured collaborative work activities at scale (Sturgis et al., 2017).

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