How does the Nurse Leader remain current, adhere to quality standards from multiple organizations, and integrate those findings into everyday nursing practice?

Evidence-based decision making and management

To ensure they provide high quality care, the Nurse Leader needs to be up-to-date on quality standards across multiple organizations. By attending regular conferences and seminars, keeping current with all changes in regulations and protocols and reading relevant literature, you can ensure that your nurse leader is up to date. This includes getting the necessary CMEs (Continuing medical Education) certifications to keep up-to-date with all of the most recent medical developments that can be directly applied in everyday nursing practice.

After the nurse leader has obtained these resources it is important that they integrate them into their practice using various methods, such as creating protocols and policies based on evidence-based research or team initiatives that focus on patient safety or quality improvements. This will allow nurses to have easy access to accurate information, as well as being trained in new procedures and guidelines that are set by regulatory bodies. This approach creates a culture of excellence that is recognized and encouraged by staff as well as patients, who will ultimately reap the benefits from better healthcare delivery.

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