How does the literature strengthen or weaken the merit of your selected theoretical framework and practice problem?

Walden University| NURS 8110 – Theoretical and Scientific Foundations for Nursing | Walden University

My chosen theory and my practice problem are strengthened by the extensive literature I’ve reviewed. It has given me more insight into how the theory can be applied to a problem. This has given me new perspective to examine the topic and provide evidence-based solutions that can be used in order to support my argument. By looking at the research and case studies of other experts in similar areas, I have a better understanding of how certain things work, as well as areas that need further investigation to get a greater appreciation of the topic being addressed.

Literature may also be useful in helping to identify potential problems or risks that could arise from using a specific theoretical framework. I can adapt my method to take into consideration any counterarguments or criticisms made by others. This also allows me the flexibility to adjust my approach as needed. I’m better equipped to make informed decisions by analyzing the existing scholarship and comparing it with my own.

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