How does lifespan development influence an individual’s definition of health?

The impact of an individual’s health definition on health promotion

Lifespan development refers to changes in physical, cognitive, emotional and social functioning that occur throughout an individual’s life. The way individuals view their health can change at various stages in life. Young children may be considered healthy if they can engage in activities without fatigue and with no difficulty. As the child gets older, their definition of “health” might change to include mental wellbeing. This could be as simple as being able to manage emotions and have positive relationships. As teens begin to explore and become independent from their parents, or caregivers in adolescence it is possible that mental health becomes more crucial. In adulthood, this definition could change to include a focus on optimal physical health as well as having a productive job and financial security. This shows that how a person defines health depends on their life stage and other factors, such as values and attitudes.

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