How do you think the political climate has affected the choice of policy tools and the behavioral assumptions by policymakers? 

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Politics have an impact on how policy makers choose policy tools, and what behavioral assumptions they make. The political climate can impact the type of policy that is acceptable or desired, how resources are invested, what attention given to certain populations, as well. Some ideologies might prioritize particular approaches over others to solve problems, such as government intervention versus free-market solutions.

Different parties might have different opinions about how people behave when they are faced with certain incentives and disincentives. It could vary from believing that everyone will make rational decisions and to simply assuming that they will behave in their own interests without considering the opinions of others. These beliefs will then influence the policies and implementation.

It is important to recognize the role of politics in these decisions. However, it is equally critical that proper evidence be used to back up claims. Insufficient data can make it difficult to assess whether strategies are actually successful. It’s therefore important to pay careful attention to what is happening at the government level in order for best results.

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