How do servant leaders, as compared with leaders using the transformational model of leadership, manage organization dynamics and lead change to ensure that the continued success of the stakeholders will be served?

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While both servant leaders as well as transformational leaders focus on the success and development of their stakeholders they are different in the way this happens. The holistic approach of servant leadership is more focused on the well-being and contribution of their followers. This leader is patient and takes the time to listen to each individual’s needs, while offering support when required. All of this with the ultimate goal for improving organizational performance.

Transformational leaders, on the other hand, seek to inspire and motivate their team members by setting clear goals for the future. In order to encourage growth in an organization, transformational leaders often challenge existing norms or inspire innovation. These strategies are then implemented with input from their staff which helps ensure that everyone’s voices are heard while also allowing for more effective decision making.

These two models, although they may look similar on the surface, have very different goals when it comes managing stakeholder success. While servant leadership is based in humane treatment, transformational leadership fosters innovation and forward-thinking.

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