How do other’s perspectives on ethical considerations impact your view?

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Consider the views of other people when considering ethical concerns. It can be valuable to gain insight from others about the different perspectives. For example, a colleague may have different ideas about what constitutes appropriate behavior or how a particular decision should be made which can help broaden one’s own understanding of the situation. Additionally, engaging in meaningful conversations with those who have diverse backgrounds or experiences can further shape one’s own perspective on ethical issues.

It is also important to openly engage with others stakeholders, such as families and patients. They often have the most unique situation and might suggest ways of solving it. Additionally, you can consult relevant documents like codes of ethics and organizational policies to gain additional insight on specific topics.

The ability to consider the views of others in ethical decision making allows for new insights, understandings and helps us think more critically about our own arguments to arrive at a better solution. It helps to ensure all sides are considered before final decisions are made, which results in greater respect for those involved.

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