How do nurses incorporate leadership style in their practice in their leadership role.

Topic one: What can nurses do to incorporate leadership styles into their nursing practice?

Every nurse must be a leader. This means that they should adopt a style of leadership that suits the circumstances and people around them. Yodee Wise (2015) states that there are three types of leadership style nurses could use to lead their patients. The leader that makes the final decisions, and expects their subordinates to follow them, is known as autocratic leadership. However democratic leadership allows for participation by all members of the team and encourages collaboration. The goal of transformational leadership is to inspire and motivate others in order for them to reach a common vision. Different leadership styles can be used by nurses in various situations.

Topic two: What can nurses do to incorporate culturally competent nursing care into their leadership roles

Quality care requires cultural competency. Nurses play an integral role in providing care that is appropriate for patients’ needs. The American Nurses Association (ANA) defines cultural competence as “the ability to understand and respect people of diverse cultures.” Nurses can incorporate culturally competent care in their leadership role by taking the time to understand their patients’ cultural backgrounds and beliefs, and incorporating this knowledge into their care plans. You can do this by making sure that patients feel comfortable talking to the nurses and using translators if needed. Nursing professionals can promote inclusion and diversity among colleagues by creating a welcoming environment.

Yodee Wise, P. (2015). Leadership and managing in nursing. (6th Ed). American Nurses Association. (n.d.). Cultural Competence.

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