How do communication skills support organizational culture, mission, and philosophy and improve cultural competence? 

Article critique | BHA 3202 – Standards for Health Care Staff | Columbia Southern University

Communicative skills are crucial for creating an inclusive, productive organization culture. They also help to make sure all employees know the business’ mission, philosophy and overall goals. The key to cultural competence is effective communication between staff. This creates an understanding among individuals from diverse backgrounds that allows them work better together.

It encourages cooperation rather than conflict when people are able to freely express their opinions in an open and respectful fashion. This helps create a unified approach towards problem solving while also allowing each individual’s unique perspective to be heard and appreciated. Clarity in communication allows team members to clearly understand their roles and what they need to do to achieve the company’s goals.

Communication skills, which are essential for cultural diversity projects, can be a great asset. It allows everyone to freely express their views without fear or judgement. We can learn from different perspectives and gain insights into areas previously overlooked. Effective communication strategies are essential to any business model. They will enhance organizational culture and increase operational efficiency.

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