How can you use EBP in your nursing practice? Discuss some impediments to creating a program of nursing research in your clinical environment(Nursing).

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Nursing practice can use evidence-based practice (EBP), to increase patient outcomes and decrease risks. This involves using the best evidence available from clinical studies, as well as personal experiences and opinions by healthcare professionals when making clinical decision. It allows nurses to make better decisions and provide more care.

It is essential to determine the current knowledge gaps to be able to design a program that will succeed in nursing research. This can be accomplished by reviewing recent literature and consulting professionals in the field. Once this is done then next step would involve designing suitable study protocols that meet desired objectives – these should be carefully planned out keeping ethical considerations in mind as well.

However creating such programs often comes across several challenges – firstly there is lack of resources since funding can sometimes be challenging to obtain; additionally time constraints due heavy workloads might also prove problematic at times. Organizational politics and preconceived ideas about the evidence-based approach can also hinder progress.

In conclusion, implementing Evidence Based Practice requires careful planning & execution – although potential issues do exist, overcoming them will lead ultimately lead to improved outcomes for patients.


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