How can reflection help us become stronger and more effective writers and communicators?

Writers and rhetoric conditions, diagnosis and writing in recreation

For improving your writing skills and communicating effectively, reflection can prove to be a powerful tool. We can learn from our mistakes and make improvements by reflecting on what we have done. We can identify patterns in written and spoken communication that could have an effect on others’ perceptions of us, which we can then make adjustments as necessary.

It can help to reflect on the writing and look at sentence structure, word choice, grammar, tone, as well as general tone. Additionally, analyzing the audience’s reaction to a piece can provide valuable feedback about how effectively one communicated their message. For spoken communication, reflecting involves the evaluation of nonverbal cues (e.g. body language, eye contact) that can help to convey messages better. We can improve our communication skills by engaging in proactive reflection activities regarding both verbal and written communication.

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