How can community health nurses apply the strategies of cultural competence to their practice?

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1. Cultural awareness and understanding should be cultivated by community health nurses. This includes the language, beliefs and practices of patients. They can do this by taking the time to listen while talking to their patient, reading up on the patient’s culture or background before an appointment and asking open-ended questions that can help them better understand where a patient is coming from.

2. Respect differences: In every encounter with a client, no matter their cultural background or culture, community health nurses need to show kindness and respect through both words and actions. This could include making sure they know how to pronounce a client’s name correctly, asking about any special needs related to language or religious beliefs prior to providing care and being mindful of cultural taboos when discussing sensitive topics like sex or death.

3. Ask clarifying question: Community nurses should ask questions that probe feelings and opinions more deeply. This allows them to build authentic relationships with patients from different backgrounds so they have a greater understanding of the person they’re dealing with.

4. Be proactive: Community health nurses need to take ownership of cultural competence. They should not rely on clients’ information only.

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