Give specific reasons why the governor’s policy may not work, pointing out specific problems that would likely arise.

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  1. The governor’s policy of providing long-term care services for all citizens in the state may not work due to the following reasons:

a. Accessibility: Although the governor has proposed to create a long-term insurance program that is state-sponsored, many seniors, especially those on low incomes, may not be able to afford it. For those with limited incomes, it may cause financial hardship by making LTC insurance mandatory.

b. Implementation of a Mandatory Insurance Policy for All Citizens: This may require considerable resources and be challenging. This policy may not be easy to implement, especially among elderly people who are resistant to changes.

c. Insufficient number of healthcare providers: It is possible that the state does not have sufficient health care providers to handle increased demands for long-term services. It could lead to longer waiting times and reduced access, which can ultimately result in lower quality care.

d. Quality of care: The governor’s policy places restrictions on the use of nursing home and assisted living services in favor of community-based services. Community-based services might not provide the same quality of care as assisted living or nursing homes. Community-based services may not always provide the same level of quality or safety.

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