Give a comparison of operations management in healthcare versus other industries.

Deliverable 1 – the operations management team

Operations management in healthcare is similar to that found in other industries – it involves the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of activities related to running a successful business. There is a clear distinction between healthcare operations and other industries in that they are focused on quality patient care, while also managing the costs. When deciding on resource allocation and staffing levels, hospital operations teams must balance patient safety with financial goals.

Also, different types of services and products can have an impact on how organizations manage operations. Because healthcare is provided in a hospital environment, quality control measures like inspections and double-checking of work are more important than those taken for non-medical environments where products can be produced and sold as-is. It is important to note that different regulations might exist in one industry and not the other, so additional processes may be required for complying with relevant laws.

Although the basic principles for operations management can be applied to any industry, each industry will have its own unique problems that must be solved using sound problem solving and decision-making skills.

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