Functional assessments and cultural and diversity awareness in health assessment.

Week 2 disc 6512| NURS 6512 – Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning | Walden University

Eding control decision making process leaders/managers(Evans et al., 2017). Additionally, when utilized correctly data gathered during EBMgt helps ensure proposed plans align goals organization & those within profitability metrics–ie. Maximizing customer satisfaction, while minimising cost (Anderson and al. 2019).

To make the EBMgt approach work for your change initiative, there are steps you need to take. First, it is important to assign managerial responsibility and set objectives. It is also important use best practices established research when gathering evidence & create methodologies easily replicated across project teams so findings can effectively be used inform any future changes needed adjust current strategies if needed.

If proper precautions are not taken, there may be pitfalls in any implementation. This could be due to insufficient resources, which can prevent the successful completion of a project or inadequate personnel training that leads to repeated failures within time limits (Hair et. al. 2011). These problems can be easily avoided if you plan ahead.

To conclude my presentation on the advantages of Evidence-Based Management , its clear that this practice has tremendous value when applied in Change Management initiatives and its a powerful tool managers have their arsenal help implement new projects more efficiently & quickly than if were done through traditional methods alone .


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