From the perspective of a senior nursing, write three short- and two long-term goals (or vice versa) professional nursing SMART goals.

Smart goals worksheet | Nursing homework help

Short-term Goals:
1. Two seminars in the next six month will help me increase my nursing knowledge.
2. In the next three to four months, establish friendships with fellow nurses within my department in order to offer mutual support and mentorship.
3. You can improve your communication skills by joining weekly meetings that allow you to share patient care plans and other information with fellow colleagues for the month.

Long-term Goals:
1. In just 18 months you will be certified as an advanced nurse practitioner.
2. In the coming five years, I will be a more effective leader by developing new ideas that can improve patient outcomes.
3. By mentoring junior nurses, we provide guidance and support to their long-term professional growth.

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