Frequently  when the shortage of primary care providers is mentioned with regard to  healthcare reform, insurance companies and other institutions forget to  factor in the impact nurse practitioners can have on increasing access.  How do you think we can improve this understanding of the nurse  practitioner role?

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Advocacy and education are two ways to increase understanding of nurse practitioner roles. Advocates for nurse practitioners must highlight the benefits of their practice, including how it can provide quality primary care at a reasonable cost. It will change the way that nurse practitioners are viewed. Instead of being a complement or an alternative to doctors, they should be seen as an important part of the healthcare system. To better inform insurance companies, business leaders, politicians, and all other stakeholders, professional associations can arrange workshops or seminars regarding nurse practitioner roles.

Research studies that demonstrate the efficacy of nurse practitioners providing quality primary care could also be published in medical journals. These studies should focus on factors like positive patient outcomes, cost-effectiveness compared to physicians’ services and patient satisfaction ratings when being treated by nurse practitioners. This can prove that providers can have access to properly-trained nurses, who are subject to state law.

The partnership between associations, health systems and private companies could increase public awareness of the work and benefits that nurse practitioners can provide to patients in primary care. It could even help in recruiting nurses for the profession, which will further enhance access for those who are most need. The role of advanced practice nurses in a reforming healthcare system can be made more visible by raising public awareness and increasing the visibility of it amongst existing providers.

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