For each of the nine NONPF competencies, write one paragraph explaining how the program has prepared you to meet the competency (for a total of at least nine paragraphs)

The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (nonpf).

Scientific Foundations. The program provided strong support in biological, behavioral and social sciences which underpin nursing practice. Courses in pathophysiology and pharmacology as well as epidemiology have given me a solid understanding of science and health. I have also learned to critically analyze and apply research evidence for clinical decision making and improved patient outcomes.

Leadership: I have been able to learn and grow my leadership abilities through the program. Courses such as Healthcare Policy and Organization Behavior have taught me about the complexity of healthcare and how effective leadership is essential to promoting high quality care. Participation in simulations and group projects has also helped me improve my communication, collaboration and problem solving skills.

Qualitative: I have been able to demonstrate my quality competence by learning how to provide safe, reliable, equitable, patient-centered care that is timely, efficient and cost effective. Courses such as Healthcare Systems and Quality Improvement have taught me about quality improvement methods and patient safety. In clinical settings, these principles can be applied in real life situations. I also have the opportunity to work with healthcare professionals and collaborate to improve patient outcomes.

I have been able to achieve the Practice Inquiry competency through opportunities that allowed me to ask clinical questions and search for evidence. Courses such as evidence-based research and research methods have taught me about research and the critical appraisal of research studies. My clinical experience has allowed me to use evidence-based practices principles in patient care, and to evaluate the results of my interventions.

Information Literacy and Technology: This program prepared me for the tech and information literacy competencies. It provided opportunities to improve my technology and information literacy skills to help patients. Learned about healthcare informatics, electronic health records, and the advantages and challenges that technology can bring to patient care. In addition, I’ve used electronic health records systems and other technology to manage and access patient data, communicate with healthcare professionals, as well and to share it.

Policies: I have been able to attain the policy competence through opportunities that allowed me to improve my knowledge and understanding of advocacy and healthcare policy. The courses in healthcare policy and ethics have helped me understand the politics and social influences that impact healthcare policy. I also learned how to advocate for patient-centered policies. Participation in advocacy, such as lobbying legislators or participating in grassroots campaigns for healthcare policy that is in line with my beliefs and values has been a part of what I did.

Health Delivery System: I have been able to gain a better understanding and navigate the healthcare system through the program. The courses in healthcare systems, healthcare economics and other related subjects have allowed me to learn about the structure and operations of the healthcare system as well as how they can be improved. In addition, my clinical experiences have enabled me to learn with others healthcare professionals how to best navigate the complicated healthcare system.

I have been able to attain the Ethics Competency through this program. It has given me opportunities to understand ethical principles and how they apply to my nursing practice. Healthcare ethics and law have taught me about legal and ethical frameworks for nursing. I also learned the principles of justice, autonomy, beneficence and non-maleficence. Participation in simulations and case discussions on ethical issues has allowed me to use these principles in clinical settings and to make the right ethical decisions for my patients.

Independent Practice: This program prepared me for independent practice by giving opportunities to grow.

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