Find a nursing organization of interest to you and discuss why it is of interest and what role you feel it may have (for you) in the future.

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American Nurses Association is the organization in nursing that I am most interested in. This organization is dedicated to the advancement of nursing by advocacy, research and education. Because it offers a wide range of information, I am able to keep myself informed about the latest developments in my field. It also places a lot of emphasis on professional growth, which is something I consider very important as it will allow me to grow as both a nurse as well as as an individual. The ANA has many possibilities for me, including scholarships and certifications. They also host conferences every year that allow me to network with professionals across the country and get valuable insight from them. All these different aspects make ANA an organization worth investing my time into – one which will no doubt be beneficial for my career growth as well as personal development moving forward.

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