Explore ways that you can use evidence-based management principles and processes as a change manager.

Everyone, good day. Hello, my name is _____________. I’ll be speaking on evidence-based management. My presentation will cover EBMgt, its importance in managing change and the steps required to implement it in change initiatives. It also covers some of the pitfalls that could occur in case implementation does not adhere to best practices.

First off, let me explain what we mean when referring to ‘evidence-based management’. Evidence-based management (EBMgt) is defined as “the systematic application of evidence from studies of organizational performance coupled with managerial judgment” (Gilliland et al., 2018). This approach involves using data from scientific research combined with evidence collected from practice to improve decision making processes which ultimately lead to better solutions & improved outcomes(O’Neill et al., 2020). It has been used successfully across multiple industries such manufacturing, healthcare & education(Rendueles et al.,2014), but it also provides tremendous benefit when utilized by managers looking implement sustained changes.

When applying EBMgt during Change Managment initiatives it allows project teams identify any ‘shortcomings’ based on previous experiences & feedbacks provided by stakeholders/customers within project deploy inception through post launch review process(Pouresmaeil&Chang‐Richardson nd.). These insights allow team to identify areas that need improvement, increasing the likelihood of achieving their objectives and ensuring high quality deliverables.(Sultanum&Nasirzadeh 2019). Provide detailed metrics/reports to allow team track and make adjustments before full deployment.(McAdam&Mcadam 2016) . Once potential gaps have been identified using Kanban boards, the strategies used to increase success in deploying new technology could be collaboratingtrain customers well so that they can understand all available features and how to use them.
The benefits of using an evidence-based management approach to Change Management projects are numerous. They reduce risk and help you avoid the unknown. By combining scientific knowledge coupled with real world data organizations are able maximize their chances arrive successful outcomes when launching new systems services etc… Furthermore increased customer satisfaction levels generated through collaborative efforts help organizations maintain competitive advantage marketplace over long run due consistent delivery high standards product/services expected end users today.[LINK] Thank you to everyone for these thoughts.[END LINK]. Any questions?

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