Explore the human and ethical issues surrounding circumcision. Is this a medical right or a human rights issue? What is the role of the nurse in relation to an ethical dilemma involving circumcision?

Research paper on the ethical and legal issues of nursing practice

The many ethical and human questions surrounding circumcision have been the subject of heated debate over the years. On one hand, some argue that this procedure should be considered a medical right as it can provide certain benefits such as decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections while on the other some believe it violates an individual’s autonomy and should not be performed without their consent. Additionally, there is also a moral component to consider as circumcision can alter an infant’s physical appearance permanently which raises concerns about whether or not parents are allowed to make decisions regarding their child’s body.

In terms of the nurse’s role in relation to this ethical dilemma, they must ensure patients are well informed so they can make an educated decision based on all available information. Even if nurses disagree with the decision, they must still respect it. In other words, professionals need to strive to act according professional standards whenever caring for patients.

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