Explore the history of nursing and choose two events/topics from history related to nursing (ie education, practices, important people, etc.) and explain each one in detail and why they are important to the nursing profession.

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The formation of professional nursing organizations and the establishment of nurse education are two important topics in the history of nursing. To allow nurses to join forces and speak with one voice, professional organizations like the American Nurses Association were created. This has enabled nurses to be more recognized within the healthcare system, as well as gained respect by other doctors.

The introduction of formal nursing education was also a major milestone in our profession’s history. With programs such as Florence Nightingale’s School at St Thomas’ Hospital or Clara Barton’s Nurses’ Corps providing structured training combined with practical experience – this led to a significant improvement in overall standards of care while also helping to elevate the status of nursing within society. Both these topics are incredibly important for understanding where we have come from, recognizing our current successes, and determining future goals – making them invaluable aspects which continue to shape our discipline even today.

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