Explain, with examples, why it is important to human health to pay attention to environmental incidents caused by chemicals, infectious agents, or radiation. How do these agents cause global environmental health incidents?

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For human health, it is important to be aware of environmental events caused by chemical, infectious agents or radiation. These can present serious threats to our wellbeing. For example ,exposure to hazardous chemicals like asbestos or lead can cause long-term illnesses such as cancer & respiratory diseases while contact with certain infectious agents may lead to the spread of deadly illnesses such as malaria or Zika virus . Additionally ,radiation exposure can produce a number of negative effects ranging from chromosomal aberrations & genetic mutations all the way up to organ failure & death.

These agents can not only cause local health issues but have the potential to spread worldwide. Because of its numerous routes, including runoff into rivers/oceans, water contamination caused by industrial waste could cause flooding in remote areas. Similarly ,airborne pollutants like particulate matter produced by burning fossil fuels  can travel great distances depending on wind patterns resulting in increased air pollution  in faraway places.

We must be conscious of our impact on the world around us, locally as well as globally. By being conscious of the potential dangers associated with radiation, infectious agent, or chemical exposure, we can decrease their adverse effects on our health and work towards public safety.

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