Explain why cryptography is not an automatic protection.

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Cryptography is just not an automated safety attributable to the truth that it depends on advanced algorithms with a purpose to scramble information, which could be damaged with sufficient time and computing energy. The effectiveness of cryptography additionally will depend on how safe one’s system is; if a hacker or malicious entity features entry then they are able to bypass this encryption as properly. Moreover ,if people are using weak passwords then their accounts are extra susceptible to being compromised even when utilizing cryptography .

Moreover, in sure circumstances governments might select to implement backdoors into the system in order that they will achieve entry when vital for regulation enforcement functions . This might probably weaken safety measures making them much less efficient towards sure kinds of assaults.

Total ,whereas cryptography can supply some stage of safety from unauthorized customers it’s not thought-about a foolproof methodology attributable to potential loopholes and/or weaknesses which exist inside any given algorithm thus requiring extra steps for guaranteeing enough cyber-security protocols are in place  so as guarantee all delicate info stays protected  from outdoors threats always.

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