Explain why a focus group is a useful qualitative method of gathering information. 

Health informatics, Promotion and Epidemiology (due 20-hours)

Because it gives researchers insight into the thoughts and emotions of people in an open space, a focus group can be a very useful method for gathering qualitative information. Participants are encouraged to express their opinions, views, and experiences. This can be then used to examine how trends or behavior may impact the population. It is also possible to have conversations with people on a personal level, which can lead to valuable insight about their motivations and beliefs.

Focus groups offer members from different cultures and backgrounds the opportunity to come together in a group to talk about topics that are relevant to them all. These types of research often lead to more innovative solutions. People are free to share their thoughts without being judged by others, which creates an environment conducive for collaboration and exploration. Focus groups provide a valuable tool that allows researchers to gain greater knowledge on complex subjects and encourage diversity in data collection.

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