Explain what Beta indicates. Select from any of the other financial data points or ratios, pick one and explain how it adds to the understanding of the company’s financial status.

Presentation of 6-8 slides with 250 notes on each page. This

Beta measures the level of volatility and risk that an investment is exposed to relative the entire market. A higher beta means that an investment is more sensitive to market volatility than those of lower betas, while a negative beta indicates that the asset’s performance moves in the opposite direction of the overall market.

The return on assets (ROA) ratio is one financial data point that can provide additional insight into a company’s financial status. ROA shows how efficiently the business uses its assets in order to make profits. This gives investors an indicator of how effective management teams can manage their resources to achieve maximum returns. In other words, ROA is net income divided into total assets. It allows you to see how different businesses are doing over time and helps you make better judgements when investing in stocks.

Investors can better understand the potential risks of buying stocks and how efficient companies use their resources. This allows them to make informed decisions that will reduce losses while also ensuring long-term profits.

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