Explain the root cause of these issues. Discuss how managers of international firms should address these issues. 

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International firms face challenges due to cultural differences. This can be caused by differences in communication styles and work ethics, management style, or approaches to problem solving. These can cause misunderstandings and disputes between workers. Language barriers, insufficient diversity, and differing expectations of employees can all contribute to these problems.

International managers should be proactive in addressing these issues. They need to establish clear policies for communication between staff members and encourage open discussion where people feel free to express themselves freely without fear. Managers must also work to ensure that all employees feel included, regardless of nationality or background. They must also offer training that focuses on cultural awareness as well as conflict resolution to ensure that their employees can recognize and resolve potential conflicts before they escalate into something more serious.

Managers should also be familiar with local regulations and laws when working in other countries. This will ensure that they comply with any applicable laws. Effective communication strategies, as well as fostering a culture of support within the workplace will help managers reduce friction and promote unity between staff.

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