Explain the problem that you encountered with the group and how was that problem overcome? What was the end result of encountering and dealing with that problem?

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Communication was the problem with my group. It was difficult to complete group tasks because there were some members that weren’t as involved or engaged in discussions. We decided that we would all set aside time each week to discuss our respective responsibilities and challenges, as well as any suggestions or comments on ways we can improve the process. It was important to be proactive and reach out to others when you need it. Also, communicate any problems with the team immediately.

This helped us create a safe environment for everyone to voice their concerns and not fear of judgment. In the end, this allowed us all to be more open with each other. Projects were more efficient because important information could not be overlooked by a lack of communication. Additionally, it helped build trust among other members which encouraged everyone to work towards common goals together as opposed to working independently from one another – leading towards higher overall productivity as well as better collaboration within the team.

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