Explain the legal and ethical responsibilities health care professionals face in upholding risk management policies and administering safe health care at your organization.

benchmark – risk management program analysis – part two

The legal and ethical responsibility of health professionals in my company is to ensure safe healthcare and uphold risk management policies. This includes ensuring that all necessary procedures are followed correctly when it comes to patient treatment – such as following universal precautions or adhering to best practices outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Health care workers should also know their limitations as professionals and be able to refer cases that are outside their practice.

Furthermore, staff must also take measures to protect patient privacy by keeping confidential information secure – whether this is done through using secure databases or filing systems within the facility. Lastly, healthcare workers should also be mindful about potential conflicts of interest which could arise during their duties – such as receiving gifts from pharmaceutical companies or overprescribing medications unnecessarily.

These responsibilities ensure individuals get the best possible care while still ensuring safety for all involved. To minimize the risks of medical treatment, all healthcare professionals must be vigilant about following these policies.

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