Explain the difference between individuals and teams as they are used in an organization. 

In an organisation, use of teams and groups

There is a difference between individual employees and organizations. Individuals are often responsible for their own performance while teams are responsible to achieve collective goals. Each employee can set their goals, objectives and complete tasks, but they need to be integrated in the bigger organizational strategy for success. However, working in a group means that everyone is responsible for accomplishing certain tasks as well as the overall organization goals.

While individuals work well alone, teams need to collaborate and coordinate with one another in order for them to succeed. Teams often bring together different perspectives and skills which can lead to more effective decision making processes than what could be achieved by one person alone because they allow multiple points of view while also ensuring that all areas within a particular project or initiative get coverage with regards towards assigned duties etc… People who work together within structures such as this require strong interpersonal communication skills so everyone knows exactly what his/her role is at any given time during proceedings thus leading towards greater efficacy once completed since no parts left out along way due lack direction from leadership present or general sense confusion among members trying figure out where fit into whole scheme things when attempting achieve end goal desired.

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