Explain the difference between an accessible and a target population.

Discussion: Target and reachable population

A population considered accessible is the one that researchers can reach or study. This includes anyone who is able to answer questions, take part in experiments, or participate in research projects. There may be different criteria depending on where someone lives, how available, age, etc.

However, the target population refers to a subset or group of people who are likely to be involved in the study. A researcher might choose to focus on certain demographic groups or individuals with certain characteristics because they are more likely to provide useful data; while excluding others that don’t fit those requirements. For example: if one were studying how parenting styles affect children’s behavior later in life – it would make sense to select parents with young kids as opposed to grandparents whose grandkids are already grown up since their experiences would be irrelevant to this topic.

Researchers need to be able to understand these concepts in order for them, and their study results, to accurately determine which population is most suitable for their objectives.

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