Explain how your view of what a “patient” is has changed and expanded? What are some major differences between the assessment of a public health nurse and a clinical nurse?

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Patients are people who have sought or received medical treatment, usually from a physician or nurse. My understanding of what a “patient” is has grown beyond the simple definition. The concept of the patient is now more than their health. Today, the concept of the patient includes an individual’s social, economic, and psychological well-being.

The focus of public health nursing is the entire community. This means that the assessment process can be broader. Public health nurses are often more concerned with the whole community than individual patients. The nurses evaluate the health of the entire population and help to identify and address health problems. Many public health nurses work in the community, such as clinics and schools.

The other is clinical nursing which focuses more on individual patient care. Clinical nurses assess the patient’s physical, emotional, and psychological health, develop care plans, and deliver nursing interventions to promote healing and recovery. Acute care facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals and clinics can be home for clinical nurses.

A major difference in the assessments of clinical nurses and public health nurses is where the nurse’s focus lies. The focus of the assessment is different for clinical and public health nurses. Clinical nursing assesses an individual’s health. It is important to note that the scope of each assessment can differ. The scope of assessments for public health nurses is usually more broad and focuses on social determinants of healthcare, while those of clinical nurses are focused more on the patients’ physical and mental health.

I believe that my definition of patient has evolved beyond what was previously thought to be a person who seeks medical attention. Today, the concept of the patient includes an individual’s social, economic, and psychological well-being. Clinical nursing is more focused on individual patients, while public nursing assesses the whole population.

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