Explain how this selected nursing theory applies to the nursing metaparadigm regarding a) person, (b) health, (c) environment, and (d) nursing.

Nursing theory and its scientific underpinnings

The nursing theory I have selected is Florence Nightingale’s Theory of Environmental Adaptation, which states that health and well-being are reliant on individuals’ ability to adapt to their environment.

Person: According to this theory, each person has their own needs and preferences that must be considered when providing healthcare. Failure to do so can lead to poor health outcomes. The patient-caregiver relationship plays a central role in this theory, as it stresses the need for mutual trust to ensure successful recovery and adaptation.

The Theory of Environmental Adaptation focuses on health and reflects a holistic understanding of the importance of mental and physical well-being. This connection allows nurses to offer more holistic care, addressing not just physical problems but also psychological concerns such as depression and anxiety.

Environment: A key concept in this theory is that environmental factors play a significant role in an individual’s ability to adapt; thus, nurses must consider these when carrying out interventions. To help with adaptation, it might be necessary to create a calm environment. Also, consider temperature or lighting when possible. They can have an impact on comfort.

Nursing: This theory states that nurses must create an environment in which individuals are able to recover from illnesses. They should encourage them to learn more about themselves and their conditions. Nursing should collaborate with healthcare professionals as well as family members in order to provide proper education about environmental influences that affect illness. This will enable patients to make educated decisions regarding how to best care for themselves.

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