Explain how the social, economic, technological, ethical, or legal issue you selected is impacting health care delivery and whether this issue should be addressed by the government or by private entities.

The government’s role within the U.S. Health Care System

Healthcare delivery is being affected by the issue of healthcare access. This is both a socio-economic and an ethical problem. Because some people may be unable to access quality healthcare services because of factors like poverty or geographic location, this issue is important. It can result in certain people not being able to get the medical care that they require, which could have serious consequences for their well-being and health.

Both the government and private organizations need to deal with this issue. The private sector must ensure that they provide comprehensive coverage and affordable rates so people who can’t afford it have the opportunity to get care. It is important that governments provide enough funding and resources to allow these services to reach more people, while also ensuring no one gets left out when it come to medical care. Access to quality healthcare is possible for everyone regardless of where they live or their income.

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