Explain how personal perceptions of providers might influence their ability or willingness to care for women in relation to this issue.

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The provider’s personal views can make a big difference in their ability and willingness to help women. Some providers might be uncomfortable offering reproductive health services to women, particularly those who come from cultures that consider such practices taboo. Others might hold stereotypes about who should and shouldn’t access these services which could lead them to provide less than adequate care based on their preconceived notions. Due to their infrequent exposure, providers might lack the skills or experience to provide certain forms of reproductive health procedures. This could make them hesitant to offer treatment options.

Healthcare organizations must understand the impact of personal biases on patient care, and devise strategies to address them. It includes staff self-evaluations and the implementation of education programs. This allows staff to increase their knowledge while encouraging open communication between providers. By fostering an environment that embraces diversity & inclusion healthcare organizations can help ensure all patients – regardless of gender – have access high quality care throughout all stages of life.

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