Examine various aspects of business by creating a fictional business. Use the business you created to explore how the different functions of business may affect a company.

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For this example, let’s assume we are creating a fictional company called “ABC Technologies” that specializes in developing and selling cutting-edge software solutions. There are many things to take into consideration when examining the various functions of business and how they might affect ABC Technologies.

First and foremost, marketing plays a key role as it helps to promote awareness and drive sales for the organization’s products. This includes activities such as website optimization, social media campaigns, email newsletters etc – all of which can help reach potential customers far and wide.

However, it is crucial to have sufficient cash flow to buy equipment and hire staff members. ABC Technologies must ensure a healthy cash flow by managing the budget and expenses effectively. They also need to explore external options like borrowing money from banks or investors.

Operation management plays an essential role in the production of goods/services. These include organizing logistics and scheduling production runs. We can streamline these functions efficiently to ensure products get delivered on-time and cost effectively.

Lastly but certainly not least is human resources which takes care of recruitment/retention efforts so company always have access to talent pool when needed plus handle any disciplinary issues should they arise.

All in all then, each function mentioned here plays an integral part in helping ABC Technologies grow sustainably into future – therefore it is essential that appropriate attention be paid across all areas if we want our business succeed.

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