Examine nursing strategies that can be used to prevent adverse events in a hospital including the role of inter-professional practice in promoting patient safety.

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Nursing has a special role in patient safety, preventing hospital accidents and other adverse events. Nurses must be attentive to medication administration, and make sure that the correct dosage is given. It includes checking orders twice, monitoring for possible side effects and drug interactions, noting signs of drug poisoning, reporting errors promptly, and double-checking the prescriptions.

In order to enhance patient care, nurses must also be involved in inter-professional meetings. These meetings allow for ideas and communication among departments. This not only helps us stay current on the best practices, but also promotes greater collaboration between different disciplines. It can lead to improved safety because more eyes are on any situation.

Other strategies that nurses may implement include having an emergency plan in place for high-risk patients, regular training sessions with staff to make sure everyone knows the proper procedures and so forth.

Overall then, by ensuring compliance with established policies/procedures while actively participating in collaborative efforts Nurses can help ensure patient safety is maintained at all times within their organization – ultimately leading towards better outcomes overall.

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