Evaluate your information systems strategy, to assess gaps in your current system implementation and security, and to recommend emerging technologies to assist your organization in its business objectives. 

Mba 640 2 Conducting an Audit of Your Organization

Evaluating an organization’s information systems strategy involves assessing the current system implementation and security to identify any gaps that need to be addressed. You will need to examine how data is stored, managed and accessed. It is also important to examine policies regarding the use and misuse of technology in the company. This will ensure that they comply with applicable laws and industry standards.

The evaluation of all aspects will allow for the recommendation of emerging technologies to further help the organization’s business objectives. Cloud computing, blockchain and automation are two options if data security is an issue. These tools could also be useful for streamlining work flows. Implementing customer relationship management software (CRM), can improve communication between departments and provide better insights into customer behavior.

Organizations can achieve their objectives more efficiently by reviewing and updating their information systems strategies regularly. This will help to reduce the risk of data loss or security vulnerability.

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