Evaluate the options for solving the problem.

Phi 210 assignment 2 problem solving scenario 2 your child comes home

1. Find the root cause: It is crucial to identify and solve the problem. It may require research, interviews or surveys to find out what’s causing it.

2. Analyze possible solutions. After you’ve identified the cause, it is easier to determine what options are available. It is important to consider the feasibility of each solution and the effort required for implementation (including money and time).

3. Evaluate the options: After listing out all possible solutions, it’s time to evaluate which one offers the best chance at success in resolving your issue. Consider factors like cost-effectiveness and scalability when making your decision so that you don’t choose a short-term fix instead of something more permanent that could save you valuable resources in the long run.

4. Implement a solution: With a chosen course of action in place, it’s important to create an implementation plan detailing exactly what needs to be done in order for this solution to take effect and start addressing your issue effectively. To ensure that no one is left out in the execution of this solution, make sure all those involved have clear instructions.

5. Monitoring progress: Finally monitor the progress of implementation. This will ensure that everything is progressing according to plan and that any problems that do arise are quickly addressed, before they escalate into bigger issues later.

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