Evaluate the macro environment and industry environment of Hanna’s new start-up venture by performing a PESTEL.

Identify the competitive advantage of Hanna’s new business relative to its services.
Posana Integrative Wellness is unique because of its holistic and integrated approach to health care. It combines conventional medical treatments with other therapies, such as yoga, meditation, and massage, to help better manage mental and physical issues. Posana offers comprehensive health care and a holistic experience to patients. This is in contrast with other local healthcare providers. Posana has a team of professionals who are experts in many areas, which makes it more competitive than other healthcare facilities.

Evaluate the macro environment and industry environment of Hanna’s new start-up venture by performing a PESTEL. Explain each of the PESTEL parts and write the level of the impact (High, Medium, or Low) on Hanna’s business.
Political: Low – Since Posana operates within Colorado state laws concerning integrative wellness practices there should not be any political interference affecting their ability to become established or remain in business over time.
Economic: High – The cost of offering integrative wellness services could place financial strain on a start-up company like Posana as they need capital investment into facilities and personnel before generating income through service provision.
Social: Low – With increasing acceptance for holistic approaches among America’s population there are fewer social stigmas around many forms of complementary health treatments today thus making it easier for businesses like Posana to get off the ground.
Technological: High – There will be numerous technological investments necessary for POSNA’s success such as installation/maintenance costs associated with computer systems used for patient records along with voice recognition & video conferencing software required facilitating remote consultations thereby impacting bottom line significantly over short period timespan(s).
Environmental: Low – Although extreme weather conditions can affect people’s ability access business premises no direct link exists between climate change emissions disrupting operations such not case here given current circumstances encountered yet but governmental reviews kept updated just precautionary reasons while proactive use sustainable materials replacing old ones whenever possible remain important considerations taken note by management team design future strategies related expansion plans recently released past month..
Legal : Medium – There will be regulations imposed upon companies offering integrative/alternative medicines including drug monitoring programs as well special insurance coverage requirements that all providers must adhere ensuring safety placed priority above commercial gain experienced previous incidents causing loss valued assets both tangible intangible due severe repercussions witnessed instance close proximity one another creating sense insecurity amongst stakeholders involved leading forced dissolve joint venture collaboration opened up shortly afterwards much dismay majority group drawn towards project .

Threat Of New Entrants–Posana does face some competition from other integrative wellness centers located near them; however this threat is low since customers prefer familiar names that offer strong reputation when seeking these type services . Furthermore high setup costs & lack name brand recognition prevent barrier entry entry sector complicated processes involved setting standards according local govt bodies ratified pertinent documentation put together signed off prior commencing activity covered so potential newcomers always cautious taking risks unless undertaken careful planning advance point time.

Bargaining Power Of Suppliers – Moderate since supply chain involves multiple points contact representative individual parties small scale operators trying survive current market environment without compromising self interests too much being settled finalized accordingly finding fine balance maintaining equilibrium everyone concerned remains task performed consistent manner throughout phases progress sought bring benefit benefiting suite leads positive outcomes sustained growth overall turnover figures reported subsequent quarters following joining forces fulfilling specific contractual obligations agreed previously year itself.

Bargaining Power Of Buyers–Low because demand relatively stable certain types products specialized nature services provided make experts harder find elsewhere kind prices willingly accepted retail outlets meaning customer able switch provider date reducing likelihood occurring anything similar shown evidence few competitors seen regularly coming going selected region where situated little reason think different happen anytime soon especially given connection already established psychologically layer concerns needing addressed constantly par atmosphere created recent years having long term effects permanently binding relationship bond formed mere mortals themselves being outsiders look inside transactions happening quietly legally bound during secrecy agreements clearly stated document presented alongside verbal announcements made officials worried about leakage information damaging credibility whole respective organization structure heavily relied upon ultimately bringing downfall rather victory depending situation handled correctly call moment arise fits criteria considered currently taken adherence policy guidelines formulated mightier power position held hand protectors rightly led right direction requiring negotiations concluded favourably keeping alive spirit spirit ever progressing capable overcome greatest challenges envisaged imagined.

Threat Of Substitutes–Low since those seeking natural health remedies cannot easily replace process workflow interface wherein results desired particular case common exception exceptions occur extremely rare occasions forcing re-initiate restart entire procedure beginning end . Price factor is a significant issue. Potential candidates may be offered discounts, but this will depend on the vendor’s discretion. Sometimes, vendors won’t allow them to purchase listed products. This could lead to supply shortages. However, these issues can still be solved.

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