Evaluate the fundamental driving forces that shape the organizational environment of the selected company.

Why is this your preferred place to work, and what makes it so special?

Ask your professor any questions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. In the length of required assignment pages, do not include the reference and cover page.

Google LLC was the company I selected to assess. It has been highly regarded for its unique approaches to employee satisfaction and strong organizational identity.

At core driving forces shaping company atmosphere would include competing global marketplace since Google having spread operations across world attracting top talent latest trends adhering global standards; workforce diversity major factor when comes job placements ,encouraging employees come varied backgrounds shapes outlook hence decision making processes adapting cutting-edge technology easily expanding product lines; ethics &morality matters carry defined scope organizations delivering maximum customer satisfaction outperform competitors ;technology being integral part process innovation regarding methods used constructing better products expediting deliveries (Acharya 2012).

Google practices/policies influencing individual /group results include:employee benefits(flexible hours/holidays) stock options competitive salary schemes hosting seminars guest lectures catering intellectual needs personnel giving chance explore department focus areas(eg data analytics/AI research);eventually affecting attitude contributing success promoting delegation responsibility staying productive consequently consistent outcomes vital factor < br >Additionally Diversity important consideration concerns work attitudes particularly U.S corp’s .For addressing this issue targeting main issues such gender,ethnicity etc participating forums raising awareness relevant topics in order gain momentum from respective departments conforming “Diversity goals /targets” prescribed through workplace policies  providing fair opportunities advancement all regardless prior experience demographics helping maintain cohesive environment balancing between creativity&efficiency .

References: Acharya S., 2012 Corporate Culture At Google : Case Study & Analysis My Assignment Services Retrieved From http://www.myassignmentservices.com/blog_images/corporate%20culture%20at%20google%20case%20s

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