Evaluate the cultural competence of the healthcare organization presented in the Integrated Safety-Net Health Care System case study using a population health approach. Please also read the supplemental Interpreting Services Program document to ensure that you have all of the information about the Montefiore Medical Center you will need to address the critical elements.

Submission of case study analysis, and proposal to Southern New Hampshire University| Population Healthcare | Southern New Hampshire University

Healthcare professionals must be able to recognize and address the cultural and linguistic needs of diverse communities and patients. An entire population approach to health considers health outcomes and determinants for whole populations rather than individual patients.

Consider the critical components below to assess the cultural competence and population health of healthcare organizations.

  1. Understanding the local community: Does your healthcare organisation have an accurate picture of the health and demographic needs of their local residents? Does the healthcare organization have systems that can collect and analyze data on population health?
  2. Inclusion and representation. Does the healthcare organisation include patients and other community members in its decision-making process? Is there a diverse representation of staff and patients in the healthcare organization?
  3. Language access and communication: Do you offer translation and interpreters for those with limited English proficiency in your healthcare facility? Is written material available in other languages than English? Are culturally-appropriate communication strategies used by the company?
  4. Culturally competent services: Is the healthcare provider able to provide culturally competent and sensitive care that addresses cultural beliefs, practices and customs? Do healthcare professionals have the ability to communicate with people from different cultures and understand social determinants of their health?
  5. Accessibility and equity. Is healthcare affordable for all? Is the organization addressing health disparities? Do they promote equity in health care?

To evaluate the cultural competence and equity of healthcare organizations using a population-health approach, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of local populations, as well as their cultural and linguistic needs.

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