Evaluate the company’s current financial plan, including charts and/or graphs showing financial data from the struggling company, and make recommendations for improvement.

University of Phoenix| STR581 Strategic Planning & Implementation | University of Phoenix

An evaluation of the company’s current financial plan should begin by analyzing charts/graphs depicting its financial data over time. This can help identify potential weaknesses & highlight areas that need improvement – as understanding one’s strengths/weaknesses is essential when formulating an effective strategy going forward.

Once any shortcomings have been identified, it is important to consider ways of improving them such as reducing unnecessary costs or refocusing resources in order to increase profitability etc.. Additionally, management could also investigate more efficient methods of production or explore new markets where there may be greater demand for the company’s products.

Finally, having a clear plan in place with measureable goals & objectives is also beneficial here – as this provides managers with benchmarks which they can use evaluate their progress along the way. In conclusion then, conducting a detailed analysis of one’s financial position combined with appropriate action plans are both key components needed when striving towards successful outcomes moving forwards.

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