Evaluate public health policies and practices as they relate to legal and ethical implications for individuals and populations.

Deliverable 7 – healthcare intake packet

It is important to evaluate public health practices and policies in light of the legal and ethical consequences for people and communities. Legitimate considerations are ensuring any policy or practice is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and court decisions. To evaluate the impact of a policy or practice on individuals’ rights and the general public, ethical considerations must be taken into account. If a policy or practice in public health isn’t designed to be fair, it may enhance access to some people but restrict others. You should also consider whether the policy or practice could have unintended effects that might negatively impact those who are affected.

You should also be aware of potential problems that could arise during implementation. This why important think through ones actions order avoid violating anyone’s rights inadvertently thus why its essential remain vigilant regarding whats going various levels government order ensure best possible outcome being achieved . These elements are integral to maintaining a safe and healthy society.

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