Evaluate and describe your current level of listening and non-verbal skills.

Non-verbal communication and listening skills

My listening skills and other non-verbal abilities are strong. Listening is a skill that I use to my advantage. This means that I pay attention to the speaker and engage with them in real time. This involves making eye contact while they’re speaking as well as providing verbal cues such as occasional nods or “uh huhs” to show that I’m paying attention. In order to gain further insight, I try to follow up with questions as appropriate.

When it comes to non-verbal communication, I’m aware of how my body language often conveys more than words can say. When communicating with someone about difficult news I keep my calm and will use soothing facial expressions, such as nods or smiles, to convey empathy. Also, I avoid cross-arming with my clients and colleagues when interfacing with them. This is considered a sign that they are defensive or hostile.

These skills were essential to both my personal and professional success. I have been able to effectively communicate with others, and develop stronger relationships. This helps me achieve better outcomes at all levels of life, work and home.

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