Draft two communications from the mining company announcing the accident.

Bcom 275 Week 4 Individual Assignment Knowing Your Audience Paper

Both are for employees.

Two workers were killed in a mine accident at our plant yesterday afternoon. We are sorry. While we take all precautions to protect our workers, this accident highlights the dangers of mining and reminds us how critical it is to be vigilant. We are thinking of the victims’ families.

The accident’s cause has been investigated internally by the company. Updates will be provided as additional information becomes available. We urge personnel to follow heightened safety procedures while they work to safeguard themselves and other employees. Your understanding is appreciated during this trying time.

Residents in the Locality:

Two workers were killed in a mine accident yesterday afternoon. We are sorry. Many people live nearby or work near our facility, and we want to let everyone know as quickly as possible about this tragic event.

At present there is no evidence indicating any danger posed by this incident beyond what has already taken place onsite – however out of an abundance of caution we are advising residents living near our facility not to consume produce grown within a 30 mile radius in case there were any potential hazards related to airborne particles released during the incident. In addition, we want everyone to know that we will do everything possible to avoid similar accidents in the future.

As we grieve the deaths of those we love, thank you so much for all your support and understanding.

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