Does parental nutritional and exercise behavior have a greater effect at preventing childhood obesity when compared to behaviors that kids are exposed to outside of the home?

Childhood obesity – 3 pages

Growing concerns are that children’s outside exposure to unhealthy behaviors and their parents’ nutritional and exercise habits may have more impact in preventing obesity. Studies have shown that children’s energy expenditure and weight are directly related to their diet and exercise. Parents must ensure healthy snacks and meals in small quantities to prevent children from becoming obese. They also need to limit their screen time and discourage the use of video and television.

These parental efforts can be countered by the outside world’s behaviors. Parents may find it hard to encourage healthier eating habits among their children due to external influences like child-targeted advertising or advertisements for unhealthy food. Some schools don’t prioritize physical education or serve unhealthy food in the cafeteria. This type of environment can lead to young people having trouble controlling their food intake when they are away from home.

The overall health of the family’s nutrition and physical activity has been proven to play a greater role in childhood obesity prevention than any external factors.

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